Professor Olayinka Oyetunji

Academic Qualifications and Appointments

–2013 Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, UB

 –2006 Senior Lecturer, UB

–1998, Lecturer, UB

–1996 Lecturer in Physical Chem, University of Papua New Guinea

–1992 Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zimbabwe

–1982, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1992 Graduate Assistant, Assistant Lecturer,

–Lecturer II, I, Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Obafemi    Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.



Contact Info:


Chemistry Department, University of Botswana, P/Bag UB 00704, Gaborone




Field of Specialization

Inorganic reaction mechanisms with a focus on kinetic studies of substitution and redox properties of transition metal complexes; Inorganic synthesis with interest in catalysis and complexes of different biological activities.

Present Research

Syntheses and reactivities of transition metal complexes with particular interest in substitution and redox reactions involving Co(II & III), Ru(II & III), Pt(II), Pd(II), Au (III), Fe(II), Ni(II). These complexes are mostly coordinated to nitrogen based ligands like organoisocyanides, amines & diamines, pyrazoles, triazoles and tetrazoles among others. Such complexes have been known to have wide applications in catalysis and biological systems.  Working with colleagues with vast experience in computational and theoretical approach into solving chemical systems will provide a strong support to using kinetic and other physical experimental data in proposing and explaining the mechanisms of redox and substitution reactions of many transition metal complexes.

Representative Publications

O. A. Oyetunji, G. Ramokongwa, and C.A.L Becker; - Dynamics of the reactions of pentakis(t-octylisocyanide)cobalt(II) complex with triarylphosphines; J. Coord. Chem., 2013, 66(14), 2489–2498


B.D. Paphane, B.B.M. Nkoane, O.A. Oyetunji; - Kinetic studies on the leaching reactions in the autoclave circuit of the Tati Hydrometallurgical Demonstration Plant; J. SAIMM, 2013, 113, 485-489


O. A. Oyetunji, G. Ramokongwa, G. O. Ogunlusi and C.A.L Becker; - Ligand substitution and reduction reactions of decakis(isopropylisocyanide) dicobalt(II)  complex; Transition Metal Chemistry, 2013, 38(3), 235-242.


G. O. Ogunlusi, J. Ige, A. O. Oyetunji and O. Owoyomi – Effect of SDS, TritonX -100 and the Binary Mixtures of TritonX-100/SDS Surfactants on the Electron Transfer Reaction between Tris-2,2’-bipyridyl iron(II) and Azidopentacyanocobaltate(III) Complexes. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, In Press – 2012, DOI: 10.1080/01932691.2012.731648


F.K. Keter, S.O. Ojwach, O.A. Oyetunji, I.A. Guzei and J. Darkwa ; – Bis (pyrazolyl) Palladium(II), Platinum(II) and Gold(III) Complexes: Syntheses, Molecular Structures and Substitution Reactions with L-cysteine; Inorg.Chim. Acta; 2009, 362, 2595–2602


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